Showtime Anytime

Android Application IA & Interaction Design

Showtime had a successful web-based video service and had just launched a native iOS app. My team's job was to help them build an effective Android experience to complete their mobile offering. My role on the Showtime Anytime Android project included:

First Steps: Stakeholder Alignment

Project stakeholders wanted an application that had a good “Android fit,” but were conflicted as to what that actually meant. To help sort this out I led multiple stakeholder working sessions focused on understanding Android design patterns and on generating an agreed-upon high-level design direction.

IA & Interaction Design

The existing Showtime Anytime information architecture was deeply influenced by web metaphors and technologies. Articulating this IA to a native context required me to rethink how key elements of the information design could be expressed effectively on the Android platform. I began by addressing global structure as a whole, then worked thorugh individual screen hierarchies, interactions, and flows in detail.

Support & Launch

As the project moved into the development phase, I worked closely with our studio team of Android and quality assurance engineers to ensure that the information architecture and interaction design of the application was effectively translated onto the device. The final result is an application that respects both Showtime’s brand and Android users’ expectations and fits naturally into the variable form factors of the Android ecosystem.

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