FOX Sports 2 Go

Design Research & Mobile Application Concepts

FOX Sports was looking for insight and ideas for a native mobile video product for their subscribers. In order to better help them create and refine potential solutions they could quickly take to market, we began our program with a lightweight round of user interviews and with the creation of a set of evidence-based personas and scenarios.

As the team member with the most previous exposure to persona-based design, my role in this effort included:

Conducting the Interviews

Because we had only two weeks to prepare, conduct, and analyze our research, we chose to conduct over-the-phone interviews with subjects drawn from our own “friends and family” networks. This allowed us to reach a geographically and demographically diverse sample in a tight timeframe (and on a tight budget).

Our interview guide, which took into account insight from key client stakeholders and previous research, provided a framework to guide our discussions. It's primary goals were to:

Directly following each interview, we held quick debriefs to capture sessions notes and first impressions. At the end of all eight interviews, we consolidated these notes and prepared interviewee responses for synthesis and analysis.

Synthesis & Analysis

The synthesis process involved the entire project team and started with a brief overview of each interview participant. From there we broke into small groups, each of which focused on a sub-set of interviewees. Groups pulled key observations from the transcripts, which we then collectively consolidated into common themes and variations. The relationships between these themes helped us decide which user types best represented our data set, as well as which were most likely to lend insight to the design process.

From Research to Design

Once we had a solid understanding of the insight gained through our research, we created a fully fleshed-out set of personas and scenarios. To do this, we first mapped behavior patterns to the four user types we observed in synthesis (The Multi-Tasker, The Water-Cooler Watcher, The Fantasy Fanatic, and The Drama Fan). We then added details from secondary and demographic data to make them more authentic and believable. We finally situated those personas in future-facing scenarios that helped the whole team understand how our users might fulfill their goals in context (and, ideally, with our product).

As we moved into ideation and concept generation, we were able to present solutions that responded to realistic, well-founded user goals and to evolve those solutions based on how users might actually behave in their daily lives.

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